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Bridging Storytelling & Tech: Class Petz Gains Momentum with Rocktown Angels' Funding

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – September 14, 2023 – Class Petz, an edtech platform tailored to amplify student engagement in K-6 classrooms through storytelling and gamification, proudly announces its recent funding partnership with the investment group Rocktown Angels. Spearheaded by Jodi Fox, an educator boasting 25 years in the sector and a two-time edtech founder, Class Petz will bring dynamic digital pets to classrooms that level up as the class reaches collective milestones. These pets, each infused with a unique narrative, provide a much needed fun factor to classrooms.

Drawing from 22 years of teaching experience, Jodi Fox has engineered Class Petz to integrate into the teacher's planning seamlessly. The platform provides an array of educational resources, including printable and downloadable artwork, an evolving Class Pet that can be displayed within browsers, on smart digital displays, and through augmented reality.

"It's less about bleeding edge tech than a need for rich storytelling and compelling rewards in the classroom. At its best, I don't want teachers to think of Class Petz as another tech tool. I'd rather it feel like a creative platform that wraps around their curriculum." Remarked Jodi Fox. "With Rocktown Angels by our side, we are set to offer teachers a platform that will bring wonder to classrooms in 2024."

Class Petz is more than just another educational tool. It empowers teachers with the agency to customize the pet, the challenges, and the rewards in a way suitable to their classroom's unique dynamics. "As teachers, we always scramble to find creative rewards to drive engagement. Class Petz caters exclusively to grades K-6 and merges technology and traditional teaching, providing incentives that resonate with today's children.

The collaboration with Rocktown Angels is a testament to Class Petz's potential to reshape classroom dynamics, fostering deeper connections between students, educators, and the curriculum.

For further details on Class Petz or to coordinate an interview with Jodi Fox, please get in touch with

About Class Petz: Class Petz is a state-of-the-art edtech platform that integrates the magic of storytelling into the K-6 educational landscape. By introducing evolving digital pets synced with student accomplishments, Class Petz elevates student engagement through fun factor. With a treasure trove of tools and resources, it promises educators an experience that's both enriching and exhilarating.

About Rocktown Angels: Rocktown Angels is a new and scrappy Angel group, known for championing startups poised for exponential growth. Rocktown Angels is a catalyst for businesses that shape tomorrow. Discover more at

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