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Class Petz empowers teachers to welcome a distinct digital pet into their classroom that 'levels up' as students achieve shared milestones. Class Petz combines gamification and storytelling to drive student engagement, bringing a much-needed fun factor to students and teachers. Tailored for K-6 and crafted by a 25-year teaching veteran, Class Petz enriches and amplifies your curriculum for a truly magical learning journey.

Class Petz is bringing wonder to classrooms in 2024



If you want to lift engagement in the K-6 classroom, you have to make it fun. Class Petz wraps a character-driven adventure around existing curriculum.

With the teacher designed Quest system, students bond and collaborate, creating an environment where peers uplift and inspire one another to achieve the collective goal.


As students progress, their class pet will 'level up', This game-inspired progression keeps students eager to learn more and instills a sense of pride and accomplishment, driving them to aim higher and strive harder in their educational journey.


Step One

Ms. Lee chooses to adopt a digital Class Pet for her 2nd grade classroom.
  • Friction free onboarding.

  • No integration with SIS or LMS.  

  • No obligation free trial while you measure the fit with your teaching plan.

Step Two

Ms. Lee chooses an adorable Yeti and names him "Leo".
  • Each grade level between K-6 provides 3 unique pet types to choose from. 

  • Teachers can give their pet a unique name.

  • Each pet has more than 30 upgrades and rewards for leveling up: Cosmetics, dances, unlockable stories and more. 

Step Four

Ms. Lee creates her first Quest. For Leo to Level Up all students must turn in their Getting To Know Me sheet by Monday.
  • Each pet type brings a rich backstory to share with the class throughout the year. 

  • As the pet 'levels up,' they can evolve with new cosmetics, dances, and story releases.

Step Three

Ms. Lee introduces
a nervous Leo
on the first day
of class.

Simple integration. Big impact.

Designed for busy Teachers.

Step Five

Ms. Lee downloaded the Leo-themed Getting to Know Me sheet from the resources. 
On Monday, all the students turned in their Getting to Know Me sheet allowing Leo to Level Up! 

Step Six

Mallory Amos - King George Middle School - Class Petz Pilot Program

Hands down the most excited I have been to integrate a new piece of tech. My only dilemma is which pet to choose!

What we stand for.

Practical tech.

Good tech typically doesn't ride on the bleeding edge. Effective use of technology requires ignoring the hype and leaning into what really matters to the end user.

Teachers first.

Every feature we design considers the teacher first.  We always ask: Does this empower the teacher to reach their goals? Is it easy to use even if the teacher isn't tech-savvy?

Fun matters.

A teaching plan that incorporates fun will have higher engagement and better outcomes. Good storytelling resonates and motivates.

Founded by Jodi Fox, a mother, teacher, and two-time edtech founder, Class Petz is a visionary company focused on bringing fun factor and gamification to the classroom. 

Our Creative Team.

Having devoted 25 years to education, with 22 of those directly in the classroom, Jodi has made her mark in multiple roles. As the co-creator of FamilyTalk Magazine, and two-time edtech founder, she is now fervently committed to elevating the educational experience through gamification.

Jodi Fox


Greg is a veteran Developer with a notable stint at Apple, where he worked on OpenML to determine the popularity of characters in episodes of The Simpsons. He has developed for Corus Entertainment, Rogers Communications, and Raincrow Studios where he helped launch the first location based game in the west.

Greg Wishart

Lead Developer

Dragomir is an award-winning artist and game designer with over a decade of experience in crafting intricate characters, immersive worlds, and dynamic user interfaces.

Dragomir Vesic

Lead Artist

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